Plaster has a unique beauty. It has a sculptural sense of strength when it is given to the architectural form. At the same time, its delicate texture is good at expressing smoothness and softness.
Gypsum is a stable, environmentally friendly and healthy gelling material. It has good decorative effects and good sound absorption performance. It perfectly combines gypsum with light, seamlessly and perfectly embedded in the walls and ceilings, showing more spatial levels and richness. The beauty of space makes the art of light sublimate again.
A good light fixture undertakes the important task of adjusting the house atmosphere. The intensity of light scattering will create different light and shadow effects and bring different visual experiences to people.
The perfect fusion of plaster lamp and ceiling adds some shape changes to the ceiling. Plaster lamps are not only installed in ceilings, but can also be used as wall lamps and foot lamps.
According to the decoration style, a more decorative combination can be designed, and different light effect patterns can be formed through different angles and different numbers.
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