Enhance hotel indoor lighting images and provide a comfortable atmosphere.


Shape your living area with our interior light fixtures which is to the latest trends and technology.


Our unique stainless steel exterior hanging lighting is perfect to decorate your garden, terrace or balcony.


A completely new appearance brings fresh zest into the segment of bathroom lighting.


Hand crafted plaster wall lights combined with modern low-energy light sources.


Perfect families of lights with elegant design make an ideal world which is full of home feeling comfort and artistry.

About deyao


Our factory was established in 2003. Through unremitting efforts, we have become a professional supplier for high-end Lighting contract market.

Our products are exported to over 60 countries and regions, working closely with over 200 professional lighting brands, furniture brands,chains shops, wholesalers and contractors all over the world.

Our Services

OEM Service

  • We have special skills to enhance any interior scheme by taking a client’s vision, adding technology and specialist engineering and making it a reality.
  • Our R&D department can optimize a project to achieve a reasonable price and lighting solution.
  • We give you expertise in designing and manufacturing, based on a huge variety of bespoke product we have produced.
  • Perfect technology process from tool making, stamping, welding, polishing, painting, lampshade making, plaster making to assembling, testing and final QC.
  • 16 years of significant bespoke capabilities in Lighting manufacture.
  • Satisfied Service and Delivery.
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ODM Service

  • Original Designs by our team of 10 young and energetic interior designers who also work with designers from other countries. Each year, a certain number of new designs are constantly launched
  • After rigorous tests by SGS, our products will conform with relevant standards and regulations and all are issued with CE certificates.
  • We are a Member of ACID. We retain design rights and intellectual property rights for all our products, they are also all copyrighted.
  • Uncompromising Quality Control throughout the factory.
  • A QC team of 30 members who perform strict quality control on every process in our factory.
  • Satisfied Service and Delivery.
  • Your sales territory is protected.
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