Sales Department:

Sales Department

We are very conscious of our customers’ requirements and follow them carefully, whilst also making practical suggestions from our experience and knowledge of our products and manufacturing expertise.
Our sales team is very experienced in foreign trade, they are true-hearted and enthusiastic and provide a one-stop service to our customers, with professional knowledge, close communication and prompt reactions to their requirements.

Development Department:

Development Department

Over half of our Development team have worked over 15 years in the lighting design industry,therefore with excellent understanding of manufacturing techniques and 3D drafting skills with AutoCAD Solidworks, we can design smart and appropriate structures for our lights.
We keep track of the latest market trends but always adhere to our own original designs.
We like to think that instead of Lighting magazines Life will always inspire us to come up with something different and elegant.
We are very familiar with all the electrical requirements of most countries and we ensure that all our products comply with their laws and regulations.


Quality Control Department:

Quality Control Department

A first class QC department is the core of our quality management system. They are divided into 3 Groups, Incoming Material inspection group, Process inspection group and Finished Products inspection group.
Our QC covers each step of the production and processes throughout the whole factory, with strict control of each process and parts quality, this ensures the finished products conform to the requirements of customers and our own high sense of quality.
We have a highly dedicated to quality, responsive and experienced QC team, each of them has a high sense of responsibility, sense of mission and  rich professional knowledge so that they can find problems in time and take action quickly. We call them “Yellow Shirts”.

Quality Control Department

"Yellow Shirts"  inspecting  components before painting


"Yellow Shirts" contrasting colour in the painting workshop.

Quality Control Department

"Yellow Shirts" checking  the operation of the electrical safety testing.

Quality Control Department

"Yellow Shirts" checking the finished products in the final inspection.

Quality Control Department

This is the "Yellow Shirts” samples Warehouse. As an important reference of the final product’s quality, the samples are signed by
the customer or the QC managerWall Lamp