Today's bedside lamps are deeply loved by the general public. Bedside lamps must pursue design while pursuing practicality, so wall lamps and floor lamps can be used for bedside lamps. Of course, no matter what kind of bedside lamp is, there is a certain degree of particularity. What is the most taboo of bedside lamps? What are the precautions for choosing bedside counter lamps? A brief introduction is given below.

First, what is the most taboo of bedside lamps:

1. Dim light:

The light of the bedside lamp should be soft, but it does not mean that the brightness should be reduced, but because the dim light will cause a sense of depression. For people who have the habit of reading before going to bed, this will damage their eyesight. Too bright light will irritate people's eyes and make people unable to sleep peacefully, but if the light is too dark, it will easily affect people's mood before going to bed.

2. Exaggerated modeling tone:

The bedside lamp should be installed so that you can reach it. In addition to being good for spending time before going to bed, bedside lighting is also convenient for getting up at night.

When people wake up in the middle of the night, they are often very sensitive to light. The light that looks very dark during the day will make people feel that there is sufficient light at night.

3. Energy-saving lamps are not dimmable:

When choosing bedside lamps, many people always hope to choose a dimmable energy-saving lamp for installation, which can be more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. But what you need to know is that energy-saving lamps are not dimmable. Since energy-saving lamps are low-energy-consumption lamps, they are very energy-efficient compared to the same light emitted by ordinary bulbs. If energy-saving lamps are used as adjustable light, then energy-saving lamps The service life will be reduced due to frequent changes in light efficiency.

Second, the matters needing attention when choosing bedside lamp:

1. The switch should be reachable:
The installation position of the bedside lamp should be convenient.

Because different types of lamps are placed and installed at different locations, either a slender floor lamp can be placed next to the bed, a European-style table lamp can be placed on a walnut bedside table, or a small wall mounted on the bedside Wall lamp. If the switch of the bedside lamp cannot be touched when you are lying down, you will have to look for the switch or adjust the brightness again when you are drowsy and want to turn off the light. In this way, your sleepiness may also be affected. There is not much left.

2. The bedside counter lamp should be higher than sitting and lying position:

Because if the height of the desk lamp is the same as or slightly lower than the height of your lying on the bed, when reading a book, the light can easily make your eyes feel uncomfortable. Therefore, for reading needs, in addition to increasing the position of the bedside table lamp, you can also install a dimmable wall lamp on the background wall of the bedside.

3. Wire heads must be reserved for wall lamp selection:

The installation position of the wall lamp is generally above the bed, or a double-headed wall lamp in the middle, or one on each side. However, if you don’t reserve a wire head on the wall before the decoration, don’t choose a wall lamp for bedside lighting, because the wall lamp is often installed in the middle of the wall, and there is no dark line. You need to pull one on the wall according to the position of the wall lamp. Wires, such a smooth wall is unsightly.

4. Energy-saving lamps are not dimmable:

Since the energy-saving lamp itself is a low-energy-consumption lamp, it can save electricity compared with ordinary light bulbs that emit the same light. If the energy-saving lamp is used as an adjustable light, the energy-saving lamp will reduce its service life due to frequent changes in light efficiency. Therefore, when you want to choose an adjustable light source, you should buy an ordinary light bulb.