First of all, the brightness of the outdoor custom wall lamp must be very strong. The wall lamp used at home can be adjusted in brightness, and the outdoor custom wall lamp also needs this, so that when you use it, you can adjust it according to your needs. Illumination brightness. Although the outdoor custom wall lights in the past may be lacking in this respect, the outdoor custom wall lights that everyone can buy can basically adjust the brightness automatically. And its maximum brightness setting is also very high, and the lighting effect is very good. Secondly, outdoor custom wall lamps are energy-saving. Unlike indoor lamps, indoor lamps will only be turned on when you are using them and turned off when you sleep. This will not only help you sleep, but also save energy. But the outdoor custom wall lamp is basically turned on all night, and will be turned off during the day. This requires its energy-saving effect to be particularly good, and it will not consume too much energy for a long time.
In general, the outdoor custom wall lamps installed in many places are of the type that has excellent lighting effects and consumes less energy. The appearance is beautiful, and the lines are simple and graceful. There are many styles and forms, and they are generally placed in communities, parks, or stigmas, which are highly appreciative. It is easy to install, easy to maintain, and consumes less power.
The source of the wall lamp is generally an energy-saving lamp. The material is generally stainless steel, aluminum products or iron products. Electrostatic spraying on the surface of the lamp body. The lamp body is generally welded with flat iron. After the lamp body is electrostatically sprayed, the surface is bright and clean, the color is bright, the brightness is uniform, and it has strong anti-corrosion performance requirements. There are usually four screws to fix it during installation, and there is enough strength to fix it.