In modern times, lighting is not only a lighting tool for people, but also plays a role in beautifying home life. With people's continuous pursuit of the quality of life, everyone has higher requirements for chandeliers. In modern home decoration, chandeliers are favored by more and more people with their ever-changing shapes, fine workmanship and brilliant brilliance. Let the editor take you today to know how to buy a modern chandelier and how to buy a modern chandelier.
How about modern chandelier
  Perhaps there are many people in modern times who like large and luxurious European-style homes, but modern chandeliers are more popular. Therefore, most chandeliers in shopping malls are modern and provide consumers with a wide range of choices. The main lighting provides a large area of ​​light in the living room space. Generally, the light source is the chandelier or ceiling lamp above. It can be configured differently according to the characteristics of the occupants, such as luxurious alabaster chandeliers, crystal lamps, and handicraft glass. The lamp is a good choice.
Modern and fashionable chandelier, the Nordic characteristics are concise and calm, suitable for the deployment of minimalism; the Italian planning that pays attention to the sense of planning and texture, and the post-modern characteristics each other; the Austrian or Irish crystal lamps are appropriately matched with the neo-classical and Victorian characteristics Combination; Spain's rough ore rough stone, after the completion of the work, is a representative of noble and luxurious. In the selection of the style of the living room chandelier, it needs to be matched with the living room furniture.
  European style decoration is generally more elegant and luxurious, suitable for large-sized families. A European-style sofa is the highlight of all living rooms. The lines are intricate and messy, with exquisitely carved solid wood carvings, and the details reflect the taste of the owner. The exquisitely carved gold-brown solid wood coffee table in the center adds brilliance; a curtain of dark floor-to-ceiling window cloth shows the atmosphere of the living room. When I looked up, it was a gorgeous European-style chandelier, filled with classic amorous feelings, elegant posture, and timeless.
Modern chandelier buying guide
  1, size
The size of    ceiling lamp is mainly affected by the area of ​​the living room. Generally speaking, the applicable room area of ​​the 29-diameter living room ceiling lamp is between 15-25 square meters, which is in line with the living room area of ​​many families. If the living room ceiling lamp with an area diameter of 33 is placed in a living room with an area of ​​less than 25 square meters, it seems too large. It looks very uncoordinated.
  2, style
There are also more and more styles of ceiling lamps in the living room, but don't choose blindly, you must choose the style that suits your home and needs. Lamps. The right style can be the finishing touch.
  3, color
    The living room is mainly used for meeting guests and gatherings. The use of ceiling lights will make the living room look bright and generous, with a sense of the times, and the lighting should be rich and bright.
  4, type
   After reading this article on how to buy modern chandeliers and modern chandeliers, I hope to bring you some help in your work and study.
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