For outdoor wall lamps, they are generally used in scenic spots, parks and some public places as well as in engineering construction. It can not only serve as an auxiliary lighting function, but also achieve a certain beautification effect. This kind of outdoor wall lamp is widely used in today's society, and its shape and type are also different according to the actual situation. The following is a brief analysis of how to install the wall lamp.
1. Determine where to install the wall lamp.
Since the distance determines the lighting effect, the convenience of installation and maintenance should be taken into consideration. Generally, the height of the wall lamp needs to be about 2.2-2.5m from the ground, but if it is on the workbench, it needs to be about 1.5 meters from the working horizontal line. That's it. The wall lamp in the bedroom only needs to be about 1.5 meters above the ground.

2. Prepare the lighting effect of the wall lamp.
First of all, it is necessary to connect the connection wiring of the wall lamp, and use the connection that can pass through the control switch. After laying the wiring in the open, equipped with a pull switch, and laying the wiring in the dark, you need to use the concealed key switch. In addition, the switch selection of outdoor wall lamp needs to ensure whether the operation organization of the switch is sensitive and light, and whether the switch can be switched at will in an instant.

3. The fixed installation of the wall lamp.
When the location of the wall lamp and the lighting are determined, the first thing to install is the work of the wall lamp holder. At first, the lamp holder needs to be fixed by the method of embedded parts or perforation, and then the inner core is installed and fixed to the On the wall, first try to see if it can work, and if possible, then reinforce the fixing work of the wall lamp.