Since the bathroom is a secret place, many people will make a perfect creation with a mentality of excellence. But if you want to create a comfortable and beautiful bathroom, the choice of lamps is very important. Because of the installation of different lamps, the environmental effects of the bathroom will also become very different.

There are generally two kinds of modern bathroom lights, one is the illuminator, and the other is the Yuba lamp. In contrast, Yuba lamps are more practical than lighting lamps. But if the bathroom lamp is broken, in addition to repurchasing a suitable bulb, you must also master the method of replacement. So how do I change the light bulb in the bathroom?

1. How to replace the light bulb: First, cut off the power supply to ensure that no current passes through, then open the lamp shade, remove the bulb, and replace it with a new bulb. The method is actually very simple, most people know it. But it should be noted that if the bathroom lamp is a tube type and the internal ballast is damaged, the ballast must be replaced at this time, otherwise it will affect the later use.

2. How to replace the Yuba lamp bulb: The method of replacing the Yuba lamp is actually very simple. First pull down the lamp shade, take out the lamp shade, then rotate the bulb to loosen the bulb, then slowly take it off, and finally reinstall the new bulb.