1. Selection of aisle and corridor lamps
1. Types of corridor aisle lamps

There are several types of lamps that can be used in corridors: ceiling lamps, spotlights, downlights, box fluorescent lamps, wall lamps, and curtain wall designs. These lamps have their own characteristics.

 (1) Ceiling light

Ceiling lights are arranged in the corridor according to the separation of structural beams. This method is most commonly used in engineering design. Suitable for dormitories, apartments and other residential buildings or industrial, teaching, office, scientific research buildings on the stairs or corridors, especially the outer corridors. Ceiling lamps are equipped with dust-proof gaskets, which have good sealing performance and can prevent small flying insects from entering the lampshade. It is suitable for places with dust and mosquitoes in the outer corridor. The illumination level of this lighting method is not high, but the cost is low. This kind of lamps produced by regular manufacturers has good light transmittance, soft light and not easy to change color. The lamp has high efficiency and can achieve better results. High-quality products should be selected as much as possible when designing.

 (2) Spotlight

Spotlights are typical lamps with no main lights and no fixed scale. If a row of small spotlights are combined, the light can change into wonderful patterns. It can be placed around the ceiling or on the top of the furniture, or placed in the wall, wall skirt or In the skirting.

At present, the quality of spotlights on the market varies from good to bad, and it is difficult to distinguish between good and bad with the naked eye. Therefore, it is best to choose branded products when buying spotlights and choose high-quality transformers that match them.

(3) Downlight

Use embedded downlights. This method is suitable for dormitories, apartments and other residential buildings with suspended ceilings or in corridors and stairwells of hotels, hotels or other entertainment venues. The light source of the recessed downlight generally adopts a warm color low-power energy-saving lamp tube, which is used to create a warm, peaceful or romantic atmosphere, so as to coordinate with the overall function of the building. Due to the different depths and widths of the lamp cups of the downlights, downlights are divided into vertical downlights and horizontal downlights. Each form has multiple styles, and the light distribution curve is different, generally belonging to narrow light distribution or medium light distribution. Of lamps. When designing and selecting, attention should be paid to the distance ratio of the lamps and lanterns, so as to avoid the uneven illumination in the corridor with obvious spots. Taking the ceiling height of 2.5 m from the ground as an example, generally speaking, the lamp spacing of the medium light distribution type lamp is 1.75 ~ 2.5m, and the lighting spacing of the narrow light distribution type lamp is 1.25 ~ 1.75m. In this lighting method, the point illuminance calculation method can be used to calculate the illuminance value.

  (4) Cassette fluorescent lamp

Adopt box-type fluorescent lamp ceiling installation or grid-type fluorescent lamp recessed ceiling evenly arranged. This method has high illuminance and is suitable for the inner corridors of office, scientific research, and teaching buildings (the outer corridors should be airtight and dust-proof) to create a bright and efficient lighting environment. The average illuminance of corridors and stairwells can be easily calculated using the utilization coefficient method.

 (5)Wall lamp

Wall lamps are generally equipped with glass lampshades, which can soften the light through the reflected light of the wall, and have multiple effects of projection and blooming of light, and show different styles due to different residential materials.

The decorative effect of the wall lamp is generally more obvious than the lighting effect, so when choosing, you must first look at the effect of it being installed on the wall before deciding. When choosing a wall lamp, pay attention to a few points. The first is to choose a protective cover, and the second is to pay attention to the quality of the lamp cover and bracket.

   (6) Light curtain wall design

There is also a commonly used method of aisle lighting design, that is, the lighting curtain wall. The so-called lighting curtain wall refers to the use of embedded light strips or LED curtain walls to install, so that the entire wall or ceiling of the home presents a uniform light color, making the home more visible. Warm and comfortable, but this kind of lighting design has high requirements for the overall lighting layout and design of the home, and it is best to match each other.
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