The bedroom is a space for people to get out of the tiredness of the day and refresh their minds and bodies. Therefore, the overall atmosphere of bedroom lighting should be warm and cozy. The bedside lamp is the most brilliant tool in bedroom lighting. From the perspective of the effect of rendering the atmosphere, the bedside lamp should have a warm and romantic atmosphere; from the practical point of view, the bedside lamp should be able to meet the needs of reading and grooming. Facing the dazzling array of lighting products on the market, how should we choose the right bedside lamp?
What are the types of bedside lamps?

1. Wall lamp
The bedside wall lamp uses reflected light to create a soft and comfortable lighting environment, which is adapted to the bedroom decoration style. It is installed on the left and right above the bedside. The light will not directly hit the eyes. It will not affect the light when it is turned on at night or before going to bed. The rest of the bedroom rests.

2. Table lamp / base lamp
The table lamp is generally placed on the bedside table in the bedroom, and has the characteristics of being movable and having a fixed range of light irradiation. With the development of lighting products, table lamps also have different functions such as reading table lamps, decorative table lamps, portable table lamps and smart table lamps. Placing a table lamp with unique charm and unique style in the bedroom can add a lot of color to the space.

3. Floor lamp
Floor lamp brackets are mostly made of metal, solid wood or natural materials. The shape is changeable and the decoration is very strong. It is placed next to the bed to provide soft, non-glaring light and add warmth to the empty bedroom.
2. How to buy a bedside lamp?

1. Choice of style
A suitable bedside lamp can often make the entire space "live". When choosing a style, you should start with the overall soft decoration of the bedroom and choose a bedside lamp of the same style.

2. The choice of light color
The lighting effect of the bedside lamp should be bright and gentle, which can create a warm atmosphere. The light color should be warm light or neutral light. The light of the bedside lamp should be gentle. When choosing, you can pay attention to whether the material of the lampshade can soften the light.

3. Placement of bedside lamps
The placement of bedside lamps is best to follow the principle of ease of use. If we are used to reading before going to bed, the light range of the bedside lamp should be slightly larger, that is, the bedside lamp should be higher than our habitual posture when reading, and the switch of the bedside lamp should be set within reach.
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