How to identify lamps
        There are also fake lighting products on the market. Inferior lighting products will not only cause greater damage to human eyes and vision during use, but also inferior lighting products will also have major risk factors during use. If the quality is not good Its very dangerous if its exploded. As a consumer, from what aspects should we consider the quality of lighting products?

1. Material aspect
The bulb mouth of the general incandescent lamp is made of white iron, which is easy to rust. The better quality lamps are usually made of aluminum alloy, which is not easy to rust.

2. Filament aspect
The better lamps are all double tungsten wires, and the poor ones generally use single tungsten wires.

3. Brightness
For the lamp, if the good lamp is powder coated by the machine at one time, the brightness will be uniform after power-on, while the poor one will be coated manually and the brightness will be uneven.

4. Price
Don't just choose a cheap one when buying lamps, because quality and price are definitely proportional.

5. Certification
It depends on whether it has 3C certification qualifications and audits its content.

6. New and old aspects
Innovative products may not have mature technology. When buying, dont just choose the latest ones and ignore the old ones.