The current lamps and lanterns basically use aluminum alloy with inserts as the radiator. The heat dissipation effect of this kind of heat sink is not ideal, and the heat sink usually reaches a higher temperature. Specially developed wall lamp radiator, combining the following aspects:

1. Break through the problem of unsatisfactory heat dissipation of the existing finned aluminum radiator.

Most of the current wall lamps use finned aluminum as the radiator. The heat dissipation effect of this kind of radiator is not ideal, and the radiator usually reaches a higher temperature.

2. The wall lamp uses insulating and heat-dissipating plastic instead of aluminum alloy to make the heat sink, which can increase the heat radiation capacity by 4-8 times while keeping the heat dissipation capacity level with the aluminum alloy. The LED heat sink made of this heat dissipation material can greatly improve the overall heat dissipation effect.

3. The wall lamp adopts the principle of liquid convection to provide a wall lamp with good heat dissipation performance.

Utilize the heat absorbed from the lampshade by the coolant in the liquid storage tank installed on the lampshade, and at the same time use the natural convection of the coolant between two liquid storage tanks with different heights to dissipate the heat absorbed by the coolant from the lampshade , So that the lampshade of the wall lamp is well cooled.

4. The wall lamp can be flexibly rotated for easy installation.

Because the cooling liquid convection tube connected between the two liquid storage tanks has a bellows structure, and the bellows structure can be stretched and bent, it will not hinder the flexible rotation of the wall lamp shade and is easy to install.