The style of the lamp
        According to the style of the lamp, the lighting can be simply divided into four different styles: European style, Chinese style, American style, and modern style. Each of these four categories has its own advantages.

Modern lights
Simplicity, alternative, and the pursuit of fashion are the biggest characteristics of modern lamps. The material is generally made of metallic aluminum, alternative glass, etc. The appearance and shape are mainly alternative expression techniques, and the colors are mostly white and metallic, which are more suitable for matching with simple and modern decoration styles.

European style lamp
        Similar to the European-style decoration style that emphasizes gorgeous decoration, strong colors, and exquisite shapes to achieve graceful and luxurious decoration effects, European-style lamps focus on curvilinear shapes and magnificent colors. Some lamps will deliberately create a mottled effect with rust, black paint, etc., in pursuit of a sense of imitation.
        From the material point of view, European-style lamps are mostly made of resin and iron. Among them, the resin lamp has many shapes, which can have a variety of patterns, and the gold foil and silver foil are affixed to appear bright and bright; the shape of iron art is relatively simple, but it has more texture.

American lamp
Compared with European-style lamps, American-style lamps seem to be the same. The materials used are the same. American-style lamps still pay attention to classic feelings, but are relatively simple in style and shape, simple and generous in appearance, and pay more attention to leisure and comfort. The materials used are the same as European lamps, mostly resin and iron.

Chinese style lamp
        Compared with the traditional Chinese style, which is symmetrical and meticulously crafted, Chinese lamps also pay attention to color contrast. The patterns are mostly Chinese elements such as Qingming Shanghe, such as intention, dragon and phoenix, and Beijing opera facial makeup, emphasizing the charm of classical and traditional culture. feel.
        The decoration of Chinese-style lamps is mostly hollow or carved wood, which is quiet and simple. The imitated sheepskin lighting is soft and warm, and it is installed at home, giving people a warm and peaceful feeling. The sheepskin lamps are mainly round and square. Most of the round lights are decorative lights, which play a finishing touch in the home; the square imitation sheepskin lights are mostly ceiling lights, and the periphery is equipped with various fences and graphics, which are simple and dignified, simple and generous.
        Chinese-style lamps are also divided into pure Chinese style and simple Chinese style. The pure Chinese style is more classical, while the simple Chinese style just uses a little Chinese element in the decoration.