Bedside lamps can be said to be the most used lighting equipment in the bedroom. Usually, as long as there is enough space, they will consider using bedside lamps, because sometimes bedside lamps are used more frequently than ceiling lamps, especially when playing mobile phones or reading books. So what are the types of bedside lamps? What are the precautions for purchase?

What types of bedside lamps are there?

Bedside lamps are lamps used for bedside lighting and are divided into fixed and mobile types. Read and read newspapers in the light at night, and then pour a glass of wine, without feeling emotion. Ordinary bedside lamps emit very soft light, which can make the whole house full of tranquility and romance. According to the popular types on the market, there are wall lamps, seat lamps, floor lamps, etc.

Wall lamp: wall lamp, this kind of bedside lamp must be installed during decoration, and it is not easy to replace after installation. Most bedside wall lamps are located on the left and right sides above the head of the bed. The lamp head is usually movable so that we can adjust the light while reading before going to bed. The choice of wall lamp should also adapt to the bedroom decoration style.

Table lamp-bottom lamp: the bottom lamp is an ordinary bedside lamp. Since the lamp is usually placed on the bedside table, when buying a lamp, you should buy a lamp suitable for your bedroom according to the size, color and style of the bedside table. You can place one or symmetrically according to your preference.

Floor lamp: A floor lamp can add warmth to an empty bedroom. Most bracket materials are made of metal, twisted wood or natural materials. The lamp shade and lamp holder should be consistent with the bracket, and not too hard. Choosing a beautiful floor lamp is a good display.

Smart bedside lamp: Smart bedside lamp can collect bedroom environment data, can remotely control and change various colors, most importantly, it can help you fall asleep quickly, and can also set time switch lights, delay lights and night lights Wait, it can be executed automatically after setting, it is a good home assistant.

Bedside Lamp

The main points of buying a bedside lamp:

One, shape

The bedside lamp has a warm and romantic atmosphere that creates an atmosphere. From a practical point of view, it can meet the needs of reading and dressing. The shape of the bedside lamp best combines practicality and decoration!

Two. Hue

The lighting effect of the bedside lamp should be bright and soft, which can create a warm style. The light of the bedside lamp tends to soften, mainly to adapt to people's psychological state at night. The harsh light will only eliminate your sleepiness and make your eyes feel uncomfortable. The color of ordinary bedside lamps should be warm or neutral, such as goose yellow, orange, milky white, etc.

Three, light and dark

The color of the bedside lamp should be soft, preferably warm and neutral, and the light should not be too strong or even darker. In the middle of the night, too cold colors can make us feel lonely and fearful. Too gorgeous colors will arouse our emotions and are not conducive to rest and calm; it is best to adjust the lights.

Four, place

When placing the bedside lamp, please follow the principle of ease of use. If we are accustomed to reading before going to bed, the light range of the bedside lamp should be slightly larger, that is, the bedside lamp should be higher than the habitual posture when reading. The switch of the bedside lamp should be placed within the reach, considering the convenience of control.

Five, size

Usually according to the size of the room, the placement of the furniture, the overall decoration style and personal needs to choose the type of bedside lamp. You should not choose bedside lamps based solely on your personal preferences. As a result, it will be completely out of harmony with the entire bedroom.