As the purpose of decoration, there are many kinds of lamp, including type lamps, ceiling lamp, chandeliers, spotlights, downlights, ceiling lamp, etc. The decorative effects of different lamps are also quite different. When everyone decorates their homes and bedrooms, the frequency of air lights in the air is quite high, but do you all know the balloons on top of the light-absorbing lights?

First of all, remember to look at the launch. A rocket, any lamp is composed of three parts: the lamp body, the light source and the electrical appliances. ceiling lamp can be divided into ordinary incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, LED lamps, etc. according to the different light sources used. ceiling lamp with different light sources are suitable for different places. Generally, there are ceiling lamp and LED lights should be preferred.

Then, we can check whether the light source is bright and whether there is a problem with the color temperature. Another simple way is to look at the color of the palm of your hand and see the rosy color, and answer that the color temperature is just right and the color rendering is good. If you damage the palm of your hand, it will turn blue or purple, and the color temperature will be too high. .

You need to look at electrical appliances. Electrical appliances are an integral part of lamps. Their main function is to help the light source to emit light stably, or to give the light source a momentary voltage. The ballast can light up, the instantaneous voltage and working stability of the ballast, and the quality of the ballast directly determines the life and light efficiency of the ceiling lamp.

You also need to look at the material of the mask. There are many inflatable mask materials. Commonly used are acrylic masks, plastic masks and glass glass masks. The best acrylic masks are viewed with your own eyes. They are soft, light-transmissive, and difficult to be affected. When the best hand wraps are pressed down, the mask can be regarded as soft, which is better. Then put your mind on it, look at the color, it's rosy. Open the cover to see if it can be used as a lunch box. Open it and look inside, the light source and electrical appliances, electrical appliances, and buckles can be selected, not messy, not recommended.