Many families will have a wall lamp design when they are decorating. If the wall lamp is designed in the interior, it can enhance the atmosphere of the room, and it can also make the house more warm. There are many classifications of indoor wall lamps, let’s take a look at what are the classifications of the indoor wall lamp pictures, and how to choose bedroom wall lamps. Let’s introduce the relevant content in detail. When choosing a wall lamp, you won’t be so troubled. have a look.
What are the classifications of indoor wall lamp pictures?
1. In the modern generation of families, most people like crystal wall lamps when shopping for lighting. It adds a touch of aura to the simple home space. Of course, bright and gorgeous crystals often give people a grand and Luxurious visual feeling.
2. Pastoral wall lamp The pastoral style wall lamp has been concise and noble complemented each other. Reasonable use can make the whole family space reflect a strong humanistic atmosphere and make the room very charming.
3. The modern wall lamp is stylish and full of personality. The design of the modern wall lamp is no exception. It will decorate the bedroom full of spring with various bright floral elements, and decorate an elegant curved modern wall lamp at the bedside. It makes the bedroom of the spring more elegant and romantic.
4. European style wall lamp European style wall lamp is often represented by the decoration application in the British royal family. It originated in the 1980s and entered China in the 1990s. It has only been used in the domestic decoration industry in the past two years. It is mainly used in clubs, The decoration of hotels, villas and other types of work, in order to highlight the European style of grace and noble aristocratic atmosphere.
How to choose a bedroom wall lamp?
1. The brightness wall lamp is mainly auxiliary lighting, the light should be soft, and the brightness should not be too high, preferably less than 60 watts. Choose a single-head wall lamp if the space is small, and use a double-head wall lamp if the space is large.
2. Specifications The size of the wall lamp is determined according to the size of the bedroom. You can choose a larger wall lamp for a larger space.
3. The quality of the lampshade When choosing a bedroom wall lamp, the quality of the lamp should also be considered. Usually the lampshade is made of glass. When choosing, it depends on the light transmittance of the lampshade, whether the pattern color matches the whole, pay attention to the details, and choose a high-quality one. wall lamp.
4. Style selection The style standard of the wall lamp should be coordinated with the installation site. For large rooms, you can choose a double fire wall lamp, and for a small room, you can choose a single fire wall lamp. The characteristics and light function of the wall lamp should be coordinated with the environmental characteristics of the wall and the room. If the surrounding area is large, you can choose a thick wall lamp; if the surrounding area is narrow, you can choose a thin wall lamp.
The above content introduces the classification of indoor wall lamp pictures, such as crystal wall lamp, or rural wall lamp style, which gives people a different feeling, so when you choose, you can choose according to the specific situation. Certainly. How to choose a bedroom wall lamp, to highlight the warm and comfortable feeling of the bedroom, so these small common sense selection is very important, everyone must pay attention to these issues.
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