1. Modern and fashionable pendant light:

Nowadays, most people like large and luxurious European-style home furnishings, among which modern style pendant lights are the most popular. There are many styles of pendant lights on the market, providing people with a wide range of options.

2. Chinese style pendant light:

The Chinese-style pendant light has a strong classical flavor and a bright and neat appearance. If it is in the foyer area, the bright light and classical atmosphere can bring people a pleasant mood. Moreover, the Chinese patterns are projected by lights, like dreams and illusions, which can make people feel irritated.

pendant light

3. Crystal pendant light:

This type of pendant light is loved by the majority of people. Its crystal clear crystals and dreamlike lighting effects are not only soft, but also very beautiful. Crystal lamps are divided into natural crystal cut and polished chandelier, heavy lead crystal blow molding chandelier, low lead crystal blow molding chandelier, crystal glass mid-range chandelier, crystal glass pendant chandelier, crystal glass die-casting cut chandelier, crystal glass bar chandelier, etc. .

4. European style candlestick pendant light:

The European-style pendant lights all have atmospheric shapes and luxurious colors, giving people a noble temperament. The design of the candlestick-type pendant lights is inspired entirely by the candlesticks used by the ancients.