The quality of the so-called eye-protection desk lamps on the market is uneven, so to choose the right desk lamp, you must choose the eye-protection reading and learning desk lamp, you need to strictly select from the following parameters.

1. Color rendering index. Choose a table lamp with a higher color rendering index, and take the color rendering index of natural light as 100. The more the color rendering index is connected to 100, the better the effect, indicating that the closer to natural light. The color rendering index of professional high-end desk lamps in the market can reach 97, followed by 95. The color rendering index of 90 and 95 is relatively common. The color rendering index of most ordinary table lamps is 90 and below.

2. Reduce blue light. It is necessary to see whether the desk lamp reduces blue light and whether it meets the national standard. The most basic standard is that the blue light hazard level measured at a distance of 200mm shall not exceed RG1. In fact, most non-professional lighting research companies, the so-called eye protection desk lamp is reducing blue light The above is not well done, even the fake eye protection lamp.

3. Anti-glare. It is necessary to make the light soft and not glaring, and the eyes do not feel tired after long-term use. This is related to whether the optical structure of the desk lamp is professional. Most of the desk lamps on the market are used more casually in the optical structure, so that they are not dazzling at the expense of greater light brightness. Professional high-end desk lamps do better in anti-glare, with higher lumens, and the actual brightness has not been reduced much.

4. Look at the color temperature. The color temperature of reading eye protection desk lamp is more suitable in 3000K-4000K, and 3000K is more used in Europe, among which 3000K-3300K is the most suitable for infants and young children; in Asia, people are used to 4000K color temperature; 3000K-4000K can be based on their own Preference choice. Below 3000K is yellowish, above 4000K is whiter, long-term reading is not eye-friendly.

5. No flicker. Choose a lamp without flicker. Generally, the strobe can be tested with a mobile phone. It is recommended to choose a professional brand table lamp for the table lamp. There are too many fake eye-protecting reading lamps on the market. If it is used for children, pay more attention.