In the process of home decoration, the choice of lamps is essential. Nowadays, the lamps and lanterns on the market can be said to be endless, and there are many kinds. Therefore, when many people buy lamps, they will be dazzled by all kinds of lamps. The following is an introduction to the types of ceiling lights and how to choose ceiling lights.

Types of ceiling lights:

1. Chandelier

There are various types of chandeliers, which can be divided into single head chandeliers and multi head chandeliers. Single head chandelier is mainly used in bedroom and dining room; multi head chandelier is mainly used in living room. Generally duplex houses are suitable for luxurious chandeliers.

2. Downlight

Downlights are mainly embedded around the ceiling. The main feature of this type of light is to save space and reduce space pressure. Therefore, it is mainly used in low spaces, such as toilets, in home lighting design. It is especially suitable for general residential use to achieve general lighting effects.

3. Light trough

Light troughs are very common in home lighting design. They are mainly matched with ceilings. Its function can reshape the outline of the entire home space, so that the originally-looking flat space can produce a three-dimensional effect through the interlacing of light and shadow.

How to choose the ceiling lamp

1. Look at the radiator used by the lamp

The heat dissipation rate of the lamp beads will determine the degree of light decay and service life, and poor-quality ceiling lamps cannot achieve the key lighting effect. In addition, the size of the radiator and the quality of the aluminum material will affect the speed of heat dissipation and the price of the entire lamp.

2. Look at the power supply of the lamp

The lamp power supply determines the service life of the lamp, and the electronic components and design schemes used in the driver determine the efficiency, power factor, stability, temperature rise and service life of the transformer. The difference in the price of ceiling lamps, drive quality accounts for a large proportion.

3. Understand the brand and package of lamp beads

The quality of the lamp beads determines the lighting effect. The lamp beads are generally divided into American chips, Taiwanese chips, and domestic chips. For different brands, the price difference is relatively large, and the lighting effect is relatively large.