There are four types of outdoor wall lamps: European style wall lamp, pastoral wall lamp, crystal wall lamp and modern wall lamp.
Outdoor wall lamp classification

1. European style wall lamp.
European-style wall lamps have only been applied in the domestic decoration industry in recent years, mainly in the decoration projects of star-rated hotels, high-end clubs, and villas to reflect the grace and luxury of the European aristocratic atmosphere.

2. Rural wall lamp.

The decoration of the garden wall lamp makes the whole room embodied a strong humanistic atmosphere, and the simplicity and noble complement each other. It makes the whole room feel very charming.

3. Crystal wall lamp.
Crystal wall lamps add a bit of aura to the now simple space, so young people generally prefer crystal wall lamps when buying lighting. Bright and gorgeous crystals give people a grand and luxurious feeling.

4. Modern wall lamp.

Modern wall lamps use various bright floral elements to decorate the bedroom full of spring, and decorate an elegant curved wall lamp at the bedside to make the spring bedroom more elegant and romantic.