Nowadays, many families like the Floor Lamp very much, because the Floor Lamp often reveals a low-key yet elegant temperament. Although it is not as popular as other mainstream lamps, it is also not as popular as other mainstream lamps. Few suitors. So let's take a look at what is a floor lamp, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the floor lamp?

      What is Floor Lamp?

      Floor Lamp literally means a lamp placed on the ground for lighting. It can be used to make local lighting for the room, but also has the role of embellishment for the home environment. However, the placement of the Floor Lamp cannot be placed in a frequently active area. Floor Lamps are generally composed of lampshades, brackets, and bases. Floor Lamp brackets are generally made of metal materials, and lampshades are generally made of plastic materials.
     Advantages of Floor Lamp:

     1. Easy to move:
       Floor Lamps are not like mainstream lamps. Mainstream lamps such as chandeliers or ceiling lamps are installed on the roof and fixed firmly and cannot be moved. The Floor Lamp is different. It is not only very light (the child can hold it and move it), but as long as the wire is long enough, you can put it wherever you want, such as in the living room and bedroom.

    2. Convenient maintenance:
    Some large mainstream lamps and lanterns will definitely worry a lot of people when they are maintained. Not only do they have to climb to a high place for disassembly, but also reinstall after cleaning, which is time-consuming and laborious. The Floor Lamp is different. Because the structure of the Floor Lamp is simple, it is very convenient in maintenance, especially the iron floor lamp, but the maintenance of the rattan floor lamp is relatively difficult. And when cleaning the house, it can also be easily cleaned. If it is really difficult to solve the problem, one person can easily handle it with a screwdriver.

   3. Energy saving and electricity saving:
     Regarding energy saving and power saving, the main thing is actually the light source used. If you use an incandescent light bulb, the power saving is not much, but compared to other lighting, the light source of the Floor Lamp is relatively small, and now more LED lights are used as the light source, so Floor Lamp saves much more electricity than other lighting. Electricity bills are the normal expenses of each family, but it is also possible to save as much as possible. And the power of those large lamps is several hundred watts as long as they are turned on. Looking at the power of the Floor Lamp, it seems trivial, because there is only one light source, and the large power is tens of watts, which is one-tenth of that of large lamps. So it is most suitable for ordinary families.